VedaPointe Announces Seed Funding Round Q2 2022

VedaPointe is about to turn three years old. We formed our company, assembled an amazing team, and quite unexpectedly went into stealth mode. Over the last two and a half years, we’ve put our vision of building an ecosystem of VedaPointe Store occupants into action, organizing ourselves around other startups with like-minded innovations that want to tackle the challenge of improving health care. More on all of that later…

Fast forward to today and VedaPointe has a rich set of health data pipelines, partnerships in the health ecosystem, and like any project, a need to increase our velocity. VedaPointe is ready to accelerate delivery of our VedaPointe Platform and deliver solutions aimed squarely at improving the state of Value Based Care, chipping away at a $300b HIT market with a modest plan to capture 1-2% of that by 2027.

When we formed, VedaPointe was entirely self-funded, and that has certainly gotten us to where we are today. In this quarter, Q2 2022, VedaPointe is announcing our first seed round cap raise. This raise is aimed solely at team expansion for the next product build in our portfolio and to execute on our go to market strategy for those products and partners we’ve already readied products with. Since inception, we’ve more than doubled our top line revenue and team size. With investment, we aim to do the same again, but in a shorter timeframe.

Our founding team is positioned so well together, coupling industry expertise and technology expertise, to build an amazing bench of professionals. Glen Schuster, CEO, and former Chief Technology Officer at Centene, Mark Anderson, COO, and former Deputy CIO for St. Louis University, and Eric Vallo, CIO, entrepreneur, and resident nerd, round out our founders. When we reconnected in 2018 and started imagining creating a space for us to help real, live patients, and to help other great entrepreneurs get to the healthcare marketplace, we couldn’t have imagined where we’d be today. We round out the rest of our executive team with a few other close, and trusted friends. Joy Fulton, CRO, and former COO at another healthcare startup, Coy Yonce, CISO, and entrepreneur, and Elise Stephens, Vice President and head of Program Management. We seek to add additional senior level positions, top level application architects, and a host of full stack developers to our team.

If you are interested in learning more about our seed round, please drop us a line at [email protected] and we’d love to show you what we’re up to.