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Aligning Communication Channels to Facilitate New Healthcare Economic Models.

Today, provider population health solutions fall short, and payer care management platforms lack the technology integration layer to effectively communicate with a patient base that demands a mobile experience.

VedaPointe creates and integrates effective collaboration platforms that solve these foundational challenges. We enable in-the-moment knowledge share at the intersection of providers, patients, and payers. We leverage existing communication channels to facilitate new economic models.


Your Data and Our Platform at Work.

The VedaPointe Platform is at the heart of our solution offering.

Engineered from the ground up to bridge the communication and experience between healthcare system entities, its purpose is to support our clients’ ultimate goal: cost-effective, quality healthcare.

Our platform facilitates the informative data exchange necessary to normalize value-based care in today’s revenue cycle management structure.

Navigating all the way from managing the health of a population, to providing that individualized patient experience, VedaPointe’s Cohort Operational Roster Enablement (VedaPointe C.O.R.E.™) assists our provider and our payer clients by speaking the same language about a patient – at the precise moment an episode of care begins.

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Accelerating Innovation

Healthcare innovators face an uphill battle. From selling their emerging products into provider and payer environments, to dealing with difficult integrations with outdated technology platforms.

VedaPointe is the handshake between our innovators’ apps and their target healthcare customer base. That handshake comes in the form of industry-wide relationships, and the ease of data integration within the
VedaPointe platform.


We collaborate with healthcare providers, payers, vendors, and technology start-ups.

If your IT department is overwhelmed, or the strategic nature of your initiative calls for a more calculated approach to building and delivering a custom solution, VedaPointe stands at the ready to assist you.

The VedaPointe Advantage

We provide strategic expertise that drives new value from the integration of clinical and administrative healthcare data. Beyond technology experts, we know the business of healthcare from the inside out.
We understand how using the right data in the right way can improve outcomes.

Our technical services empower our customers – from user experience through analytics and platform adoption. Impactful, intuitive design, and scalable, resilient systems, harness the full capabilities and value of your data.

We support healthcare and life sciences start-ups with innovation and incubation assistance. By partnering with customers at the earliest stages, we can give them the advantage of emerging technologies and healthier data access from the start for better outcomes in the future.

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About Us

Meet the Leadership Team

We understand both the challenges and the promise of value-based economic care models. Our experience with healthcare organizations and our deep analytics expertise have inspired us to develop technology tools and environments that we expertly tailor to meet each client’s needs while streamlining operational processes.

Glen Schuster

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Vallo

Executive Vice President
Chief Information Officer

Dr. Mary Mason

Chief Medical Advisor

Mark Anderson

Senior Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

Coy Yonce

Vice President
Chief Information Security Officer

Jack McKittrick

Vice President
Chief Financial Officer


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