Simplifying the Administration of Total Patient Care.

VedaPointe.CORE, our novel SaaS platform for panel management, contract follow-up and patient engagement, aims to help Providers succeed in their non-clinical interactions with payors and patients.

CORE enables the successful transition to VBC and improved performance under FFS/P4P contracts.

Today, Providers have limited visibility into which patients are assigned to their panel by Payors, and how these patients change over time. Providers and their staff need workflow automation tools to engage with their panel patients, and limited information about what quality bonuses apply to certain activities per each patients’ contract with the Payor (or CMS).

To capture bonuses and avoid penalties, Providers need insight regarding which patients are automatically assigned to them by Payors. VedaPointe syncs EMR patient information with Payor-provided member lists, creating actionable dashboards, automated workflows, key operational support modules, and next-best action recommendations.

automatically identified at the intersection of provider rosters and payer rosters, that crosses the gap seamlessly

providing ingestion, quality, and management, securely

segmenting other cohorts to serve with the very best of targeted care

REAL-TIME EVENT DETECTION identification, and notification