Eric Vallo

Executive Vice President,
Chief Information Officer

Eric is a Partner at VedaPointe, and a Technology Executive and enthusiast with more than 20 years of experience. For over a decade, Eric was Chief Executive Officer and Chief Architect at EV Technologies, Inc. where his entrepreneurial spirit, passion, and leadership built an award-winning team that found success with a focused metadata analysis solution in a variety of industries, including healthcare. As the healthcare focus grew, the EV Technologies team created opportunities to extend relationships and solution design and delivery into cloud-based strategies, new user experiences, and business process improvement initiatives.

These opportunities helped Eric shape a consulting practice that is the core of VedaPointe. Interacting with expansive integrated health delivery networks, some of the Nation’s largest health insurance payers, and various healthcare startups – ranging from those that deliver direct patient care to organizations focused on providing synthesized data solutions to biopharma companies – VedaPointe seeks to bring to life with cutting edge technology and best practices, use cases for the client base that seeks to disturb the status quo.

Prior to his work at VedaPointe and EV Technologies, Eric served in lead architect roles in telecommunications, finance, and healthcare endeavors focused on mental and behavioral health solutions. Eric is an accomplished author, keynote speaker, and a recognized data and analytics podcast host.

As Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President at VedaPointe, he is responsible for driving the organization’s commitment to creating beautiful, useful, scalable platforms that deliver real-time, prescriptive, and predictive experiences for VedaPointe’s customers.