Senior Director Business Development

We are seeking a passionate and driven sales leader to help VedaPointe take our emerging technologies to the healthcare ecosystem.

We’re pretty sure a really wise person said that selling healthcare platforms and related services alongside a group of nerds is awesome.  On the other hand, we may have just made that up. However, if you are intrigued by the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of healthcare technology innovators, VedaPointe may be the team you are looking for.

You may be a fit for our Go to Market Team if…

  • You can’t wait to get up every day and contribute to filling our sales pipeline with solid  customer leads, and further, aren’t afraid to pick up the phone to reach out and touch someone, follow-up with a lead from a website inquiry, trade show, or webinar, and take it to a legitimate discovery conversation.
  • Meeting customers and closing deals for both software and related services is not just work.  It’s fun.
  • You recognize the value that social media plays in our industry and know that it is an integral part of customer outreach today.  We’re a really social bunch.
  • You’ve demonstrated in past roles that you produce results in the form of net new customers and regularly met/exceeded goals.
  • You are unafraid to ask hard questions to uncover the real influencers, decision criteria, and flesh out obstacles and objections.
  • You are a salesperson who understands that sales is about results, not being busy or preaching great sermons on how to sell.
  • You can get results without much management oversight – the rest of us are nerds, not sales managers.

We are seeking qualified candidates with strong skills, including:

  • A strong sense for shaping a product go-to-market strategy for a portfolio of healthcare technologies, and how messaging will resonate with buyers.
  • A strong understanding of sales in the healthcare industry, a record of success with providers and health systems, and a proven ability to engage both business and IT leaders.
  • A full-cycle salesperson who understands creating, developing, and closing opportunities with smart, mid and high-level business and IT people.
  • A relationship manager who isn’t afraid to tell the prospect “we’re not ready to draft the proposal yet because we don’t have a good enough understanding of your situation”.
  • A deal quarterback who can create advocates within the potential client organization, and guide an opportunity to the finish line.

Moderate, US-based travel will be required. Think you’re a fit? Send us your CV at [email protected].