The New VedaPointe

St. Louis, Missouri, September 16, 2019 VedaPointe, a healthcare data and analytics platform and services venture, today announced its official launch.

VedaPointe is the result of a recent merge of Skrymir Data Strategies and EV Technologies. The company aims to align the care and the business of health. With industry leading expertise – and an understanding of both healthcare and its inherent data challenges, VedaPointe brings four essential dimensions to market: an industry-changing data and analytics platform, related full-stack technology services, a partner app store that seamlessly connects innovative start-ups with more traditional healthcare operations, and insightful healthcare technology advisory services.

The new venture – spearheaded by Chief Executive Officer Glen Schuster, a long-time leader in healthcare business and technology and Eric Vallo, Chief Information Officer and data and analytics industry trailblazer – is uniquely positioned in this competitive landscape. In fact, VedaPointe is already delivering to its customers.

“VedaPointe’s ability to store, aggregate, and create a trusted platform for data from any healthcare source is really compelling – it is something we’ve worked hard to create and it is already proving its value.” said Vallo. “With our trusted and secure access, providers, payors and hospitals can explore data to support their unique needs, and overcome clinical, operational, and technical challenges.”

“We really think of our offering in each of those dimensions, ” explained Schuster. “Combined, our capabilities give our customers powerful insight that enables them – whether payor, provider, or new niche innovator, to connect and deliver value-based care while improving the operational bottom-line. We’re seeing this come to fruition, and its exceptionally exciting time for our team, our customers, and our partners.”

“St. Louis is home and it has become a hub for innovation in health and life sciences. We are proud to be headquartered in St. Louis. It gives us an opportunity to remain centrally located and be a strong partner to companies anywhere. We’re honored and humbled to be a part of this city and to contribute to its growth, regionally .” said Schuster.

VedaPointe’s mission: “Healthier Data. Better Outcomes.”, is a testament to the combined mission and vision of this new executive team.

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