Junior System Administrator

To be a part of this team in this role, you have to have a passion for helping people. Being a nerd is absolutely a part of the DNA needed to take this on. But first, being able to express empathy and patience in the face of steady demand for help is a must. Beyond that, we’re seeking candidates that can: 

  • Fully understand the interconnectedness of systems, networks, and security, both on premise and in the cloud. 
  • Demonstrate excellence in the triage and remediation of complex issues, and capable of documenting root cause and findings for posterity. 
  • Serve as an escalation manager, demonstrating to customers we understand their problems, prioritize, engage senior engineers, and see their cases through to completion. 
  • Serve as an ultimate champion to the customer, ensuring their renewals of our products and services are easily obtained through excellent customer service and persistence in quality. 

We are seeking qualified candidates with strong skills, including: 

  • Fundamental understanding of Windows Server, Linux, and Unix operating systems. The ever-expanding world of virtualization on-premise and on-cloud, containerization, etc., is definitely a plus. 
  • A keen eye for security, vulnerabilities, and threat readiness is an important trait that we need. 
  • The ability to correctly diagnose and triage systems issues, and take corrective action in adherence to corporate change policies. 
  • Documentation experience, creating environment diagrams, and the ability to articulate their meaning to stakeholders. 
  • Demonstrate that you have successfully completed both a full/new implementation or an in-place upgrade. 
  • You eat, sleep, and breathe your Log data. 

Some light travel may be required. 

Do you believe you are a fit?  Please send your resume/CV to hr@vedapointe.com

Recommended: Cloud certifications